IT Team tərəfindən göndərildi | Oktyabr 29, 2010

My Zangilan My Azerbaijan

“There are many historical monuments in Zengilan reflected national culture of Azerbaijan people. Many historical events reflected the life of Azerbaijan people took place in Zengilan. A lot of respectable people lived and created in Zengilan during the past ages. So, Zengilan is valuable for Azerbaijan, because of either its nature or its respectable and creative people.”
National leader Heidar Aliyev

The territory of Zengilan is considered one of the oldest places, where the people lived. Some caves existed in this area inform us about primitive men lived here. But as a region it was founded in 1930. The area of the region is 707 km2, but the population is 35.351. There was one town, one settlement like a town, one settlement and 81 villages in this region. The centre is Zengilan.The end of XX century is known as a period full of tragedies in the history of Azerbaijan. Zengilan was also the victim of betrayal as other regions of Azerbaijan. It was on October 29, 1993.In actual situation the occupation was realized in 1992. In 1993 Armenians’ attacks became intensified. 

The enemy moved in 3 directions:
1. In the direction of Mehri. By this way they could get the hills and seize the villages of Vejneli and Agbend.2. In the direction of Gafan. They occupied the villages of Burunlu, Shayifli and Goyeli.3. They moved through the occupied regions of Gubadli and captured Saldash, Chereli, Mollali, Qiyasli, Ulashli, Abilce, Qarakishi, Tinli, Xocahan, the Agbiz villages and the Agbiz hills.


Nearly 34 thousand people gathered together on bank of the Araz –on the border of Iran. It was impossible to cross the tumultuous river. The liberator of our people Heydar Aliyev helped to the people again. He had a conversation with Iran government and they built a dam over the Araz.
So the people could escape, thanks to our leader.What have we left in Zengilan?
Motherland Zengilan All riches existed in that place
67 schools, 56 libraries, 34 clubs, 9 culture houses, 7 hospitals, 6 railway stations, 2 wine plants, a cannery, a railway depot,…
At the present time the refugees of Zengilan began to live in Baku and in other 43 regions of our country temporarily. The soldiers of national army died as a hero, 7 policemen were lost. More than 200 people were killed, 12800 children were injured and 395 children remained orphan.

The life of 44 persons is unknown and 127 persons are invalids.